Haven’t drawn since Omegacon. At least it still seems like I’ve got it. Time to ink. #starchild #Soraka #LoL #Dryad


So many muffins.


Sourdough crackles along its shell when it first comes out of the oven. Sounds like a fireplace.


Pretty pink kimono. Squee.


Alex Kay Cosplay

SO I started a tutorial blog. I’ll be posting many many posts tonight to play catch up with some past projects, but follow it now so you don’t forget!

I’m gonna try to get up the tutorials for my Commander Shephard Breastplate, Totoro Birthday Cake, Caitlyn Dress, and Mystique Face Scales by tonight, as well as the Night Elf Breastplate, armor and bow and arrows.

Once I begin the Miss Fortune cosplay, posts will be going up on the cosplay blog, not nikoneko.

Happy Crafting!


So I’ve been cosplaying for a while, and I make practically everything on my own, or at least upcycle it. I was wondering if I should start documenting the process of some of the things I’ve made. I consider myself, the frugal cosplayer, because believe it or not, you don’t have to have a ton of money to be able to cosplay, and to cosplay well.

My newest cosplay will begin to be made two days from now. Miss Fortune from League of Legends, and I was curious if there would even be anyone interested for how I make the things I do? Any interest at all?

For example, I’ve made a bow from braided clothes hangers, twine, and tape, for under $4 and it came out looking spectacular if I do say so. With extra large size prop arrows made from dowel rods, chipboard, and twine for less than $3 for a set of six.  They can be seen in this cosplay shoot below.

I mix and apply my own body and face paints, which have been tested numerous times, including in the photo above, which I wore to a convention for 14 hours, and it barely rubbed off in the inner creases of my elbows by the end of the day. But it did come off in one easy shower with no stain left behind and no heavy, hurtful scrubbing.

I’ve also made Caitlyn’s hat, Dante the Demonkiller’s Arbiter Axe, and an 8bit version of Link’s Shield.

Between this and numerous other projects, especially in face and body painting exploits, I really want to start helping others, by sharing my ideas. Because it doesn’t take expensive supplies to make great cosplay. It takes a lot of creativity in using the things that you have.

Let me know if you think I’m wasting my time, or if anyone would find this useful?


It took some custom content but I think it looks about right, haha. #Sims3


Kigu cuddles.


Happy 4 year anniversary to my better half. <3


@damiandecay bought me a new Kigurumi and I love it, so soft. #Kigurumi #bear #pajamas

Photo Set

I love the feeling of getting brand new stockings <3




"Your dress is too short."

Thanks, the designer used your dick for inspiration.


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instead of desexualizing womens halloween costumes we should sexualize mens costumes and make it equal. i want boys in underwear and cat ears

I like your style, kid.

That happens at my apartment every night…. who needs Halloween for that?

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"I like how the Ninja Turtles wear masks. Good way to hide your identity, its not like you’re a giant turtle or anything."

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Dylan bought me a new Kigurumi, lol. #Kigurumi #kawaii